JDL High Capacity High Torque Twin Screw Plastic Extruder

时间:2023-07-20 12:01:59
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  JDL series co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder



Description:The extruder is designed on the principle of building blocks. Its screw configuration, barrel structure, number of feeding and exhaust positions, screen changing and pelletizing methods, and electrical instrument automatic control mode can be adjusted according to changes in the material system and process requirements, and the configuration is optimized. , to achieve a unified balance between extensive multi-function, multi-purpose versatility and specificity for specific requirements. The basic screw element is a full-mesh conjugate type. Aiming at the emerging new polymer materials and new processes, various new screw elements and combination configurations are continuously introduced accordingly. The connection between the machine screw element and the mandrel adopts the involute spline form that is synchronized with the international level, fully taps the potential of the limited structural space, and takes into account the realization of higher working torque and larger screw working volume. New torque distribution transmission device, enhanced design safety margin, high-precision hard tooth surface grinding, all key bearings are imported, and pursue higher efficiency. Different granulation systems, such as water-cooled sliver granulation, cold-air sliver granulation, underwater cutting, air-cooled mold surface heat granulation, water ring cutting, etc., are recommended as needed. The material of the conventional main engine is high-quality nitrided steel surface nitrided treatment, which can meet the requirements of most operations. For special material working conditions, special materials and treatment methods such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance and abrasion resistance can be selected and provided. Low vibration, low noise, the whole machine can be installed without a foundation, it can be placed on a flat ground, which reduces the requirements for the site and installation, and is more convenient to use.

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Application:1. Glass fiber reinforced, flame retardant granulation (such as: PA6, PA66, PET, PBT, PP. PC reinforced flame retardant, etc.)

2. High filler granulation (such as: PE, PP filled with 75% CaCO.)

3. Granulation of heat-sensitive materials (such as: PVC, XLPE cable materials)

4. Concentrated color masterbatch (eg: filled with 50% toner)

5. Antistatic masterbatch, alloy, coloring, low filling blending and granulation

6. Granulation of cable materials (such as: sheath material, insulation material)

7. XLPE pipe material granulation (such as: masterbatch for hot water crosslinking)

8. Mixing and extrusion of thermosetting plastics (such as: phenolic resin, epoxy resin, powder coating)

9. Hot melt adhesive, PU reaction extrusion granulation (such as: EVA hot melt adhesive, polyurethane)

10. K resin, SBS devolatilization granulation

Advantage: Nine Delong Extrusion machine price belongs to the middle and low price in the industry. What benefits can our equipment bring to customers? Our equipment can bring the following benefits to users:

1. Features: The host of this equipment is environmentally friendly; the host equipment does not need to be connected to the external circulating water system; the self-contained circulating cooling system is a patented product of our company.

2. Twin-screw gearbox cooling adopts: environmental protection cooling system (environmental protection type: invention patent number: CN201911312134.6) does not need to be connected to external circulating water for cooling, and there is no need to wander outside water; the closed-loop circulation system is adopted, so there is no need to worry about using water for cooling for a long time Scale will block the cooler and cause damage to the gearbox

3. The water tank cooling system of the twin-screw main engine adopts: adopts an environmentally friendly cooling system (environmental protection type: invention patent number: CN201911312134.6) does not need to be connected to external circulating water for cooling, and does not need to wander outside water; adopts a closed-loop circulation system

4. Energy saving: normal cylinder cooling; for example: the temperature in zone 5 is too high; this is the conduction of the electronic valve; the cooling return water in zone 5 will affect the temperature drop in zone 6 and zone 4; it will lead to Heating in the fourth and sixth areas; this situation will continue to recur; resulting in waste of electricity costs; we now completely solve this problem by adopting an environmentally friendly type; plus we entrust a third party to develop a temperature control module, and the temperature control heating system is more energy-efficient than similar equipment: 15 -20% of the electricity bill means that each ton can save customers 10 yuan in electricity bills, and about 30,000 yuan in electricity bills per year


5. Double-screw gearbox adopts: high-torque D-type gearbox, high output.

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