Color Masterbatch Extrusion Line_ High Quality Materbatch Extruder_Carbonblack Masterbatch Extruder

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Color Masterbatch Extrusion Line_ High Quality Materbatch Extruder_Carbonblack Masterbatch Extruder_Nine Delong Machine

Description:A plastic colorant that is well dispersed with a high proportion of pigments or additives and thermoplastic resins. The selected resin has a good wetting and dispersing effect on the colorant, and has good compatibility with the material to be colored. That is: pigment + carrier + additive = masterbatch. Masterbatch coloring is the most commonly used plastic coloring method today. The colorant dispersed in the carrier is simply mixed with the natural color resin and used to make plastic products.

Color masterbatch is generally composed of three parts, colorant carrier dispersant, mixed by high-speed mixer, crushed, extruded and pulled into granules, color masterbatch has high concentration, good dispersibility, clean and other significant advantages. Nine Delong Machinery Co.,Ltd adopts water cooling strand pelletizing method to produce color masterbatch.

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Application: 1. In the plastics industry, masterbatches can make plastic products have good dyeing properties, and at the same time improve the gloss and transparency of the products. Common application areas include: home appliances, automobiles, electronics, toys, etc. For example, black masterbatches can be used in the production of plastic electrical housings, while red and yellow masterbatches are commonly used in toy products.

2.In the rubber industry, masterbatches are commonly used for the dyeing of natural and synthetic rubber. By adding color masterbatches of different colors, rubber products of different colors can be produced, such as automobile tires, shoe soles, rubber hoses, etc.

3.In the textile industry, masterbatches are commonly used for dyeing natural and synthetic fibers. By adding masterbatches of different colors, textiles of various colors can be produced. Common application areas include: clothing, home textiles, scarves, etc.

4.In the paper industry, masterbatches can improve the color vibrancy and transparency of paper, while also protecting paper from UV damage. Common application areas include: books, magazines, brochures, etc. 

It can be seen that masterbatches are widely used in production and life, and can meet the coloring needs of different industries and products.







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